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Shea Moné

Beard Drip

Beard Drip

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A healthy beard care regimen starts with a nourishing oil that attacks dry skin and promotes healthy hair growth. We carefully selected the highest quality ingredients to enhance your overall beard health and give it all the nutrients it needs. Our formulation is packed with a long list of vitamins and fatty acids, all of which are necessary to penetrate the hair shaft, stimulate and strengthen the hair follicles, and provide ultimate hydration. Therefore, you can also use Beard Drip to moisturize hair and scalp. This oil has a subtle and refreshing scent, so you can be confident that it won’t clash with your cologne. As always, Shea Moné is committed to keeping it 100% natural. The Drip is definitely in the details. 

Made with rosemary and rose petal (Rosa Centifolia) infused oil blend 


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